1. Join in on Meatless Mondays - look up fabulous recipes (or contact us) and get cracking on enjoying life that bit more!

2. Buy cruelty free cosmetics - namely, your #1 fave and the most popular #1 raw brand - Raw Nature :-)

3. Be an advocate for something you care about - volunteer at animal rescue centres, knit rugs for shelters, help serve meals to the homeless, visit the lonely, organise a working bee to help tidy an oldies garden or there are any number of other things that will add to someone else/something else's life and your own. Live it!

4. Go out of your way, if you have to, to avoid the purchase of anything to do with animal testing/cruelty. That may mean having to educate yourself a little more but hey, it's all worth it.

5. Get on a bandwagon and speak up for those without a voice. Write letters to editors on topics that you care about like banning puppy mills, banning live export, banning battery eggs and so much more.

6. Sponsor a pet, be a caretaker/foster home for pets, or make a donation to a centre you care about.

7. Rinse and recycle. It doesn't take much to recycle so next time you are about to throw something away, check and see if it can go in the recycling bin instead and reduce the landfill.

8. Vote with your dollars. Nothing sends the message quicker than spending where it counts, by spending with businesses that support great ethics.

9. Adopt a pet rather than buy one from a breeder.

10. Let people know about the cruelty behind fur products, caged eggs, live export, shark fin soup, whale slaughter, rainforest devastation, palm oil products and animal testing. Whoever has seen dogs smoking? Why then do they have masks strapped to their faces with cigarette smoke billowing into their lungs for hours on end? Perhaps it is too much to even think about, but choose an area that you can kick #%s& with and go for it! You are needed. 

10 easy ways you can value add to your life and help improve the environment around you